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3D Inspection

The 3D Inspection Process

For inspection the scan data and CAD data is imported into the inspection software Control X. We do require the CAD for the inspection process and drawings to understand the tolerances and dimensions.

We align the SCAN data to the CAD data. This is done according to the inspection requirements whether it is via datum surfaces or a best fit alignment.

After this we generate dimensions, sections, deviation maps or GD&T results depending on the customer or drawings requirements. Once this has been completed we can generate the report.

Unlike other processes the report can be simply updated with new scan data if more than one part is to be inspected.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed with 3D Inspection Services in Canada

The marine, environment, and other industries survived the pandemic by relying on 3D inspection services for the quality assurance portion of their daily manufacturing operations. Not only is this type of inspection less time-consuming, but it’s also more engaging.

You’ll receive your 3D inspection report in the form of 2D and 3D pages. We create them using data from long-range scans, among other things, and also account for deviations along the way. Having said that, the biggest advantage of our 3D inspection services isn’t the accuracy; it’s the idea that you won’t have to invest in technology to process inspection reports.

You can get 3D inspection services in Squamish or anywhere else in Greater Vancouver to make the most detailed analysis look easy. Reach out to our customer representatives to express your intentions. Receive a spot-on quote for your 3D inspection in Canada today.

Control X

Geomagic® Control X™ is a professional 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other portable devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results to ensure quality everywhere.

With our Metrology grade inspection software we can generate deviation map color reports comparing 3D scan data to CAD data. These models can be viewed and rotated with the with a 3DPDF so you can rotate the model and view it from every angle.

There’s a reason Geomagic Control X is used by almost every major automaker and thousands of other companies: it has in-depth functionality to complete the toughest inspection jobs. Sophisticated alignments, ANSI Y14.5b compliant GD&T and extensive deviation analysis capabilities let you perform detailed inspections of your parts. Sheet metal, castings, plastics, tooling and machined parts can all be measured and compared to CAD models in XOV.

When it comes to CMM inspection, every calculation counts. That’s why Geomagic Control X’s geometry calculation algorithms have been tested by America’s NIST, Britian’s NPL and independently certified by Germany’s PTB metrology authority as Class 1 accuracy. Top manufacturers around the world trust Control X to measure thousands of parts every day.


PPAP, First Article Inspection

CAD comparison : surface, sections, points…

2D section-based analysis

Inspection functions : dimensions, virtual calipers, angles, diameters…

GD&T analysis based on ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5 standards

Reporting: screenshots, tables, PDFs…


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