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The Challenge: To Scan various parts of a hydro generator combining high accuracy scan data with volumetric Scan data so the client generate new design models to solve current issues.

 The Solution: Handheld 3dscanningand alignment of various data sets to provide accurate STL files of the hydro system for post Maintenance Repair and Operations and verification

 The initial setup was using the Creaform 700 system this was used to create the high accuracy point cloud of the Francis runner, Head Cover and the Front and Rear of the machine. In this case the parts were scattered throughout the facility since it was disassembled. We also needed to capture the entire system to provide a volumetric scan data set; this is where the Mantis F6 came in. This data would then be compared to the clients Laser Tracker Data.

Generator #2 was scanned

Photo of the Head Cover which connects to the Draft Tube

Francis Runner

Front of Generator

3D scan of the Headcover, Impeller, rear of the machine and the generator head.

Assembled Generator data from the Creaform Handyscan 700 in Design X

Volumetric Scan data from the Mantis F6 system which is aligned to the Handyscan data in Geomagic Design X. 

Also the same process was used on a bunker which also required the same process. The Handyscan 700 was used to capture the upper runner mounting area that required a new wear plate, and the main bunker that required the volumetric scan data which the Mantis F6 was used.

Scan data sets of the main runner mount area.

F6 scan data of the concrete bunker that required data to ensure no interference with the new parts.

Aligned data of the Creaform system with the Mantis F6 system.

Accuracy Verification of the Creaform Data to the Mantis F6 Data with a +/-1mm tolerance map in green.


 The Mantis F6 data is an infrared handheld scanner and it was used to provide some overall references of the generator that were not as critical but were required to ensure access of the new upgrades that were to be designed and its accuracy is about 2mm.

 The Handyscan 700 is a laser based scanner with an accuracy is 0.020 mm + 0.060 mm/m and allows scanning connecting areas by using  reflective Creaform targets. This system was used to generate the high accuracy data.

 Why do we use Design X? Because it allows us to bring in the scan data from the Handyscan and the Mantis F6 and quickly clean up and align it to a standard origin also it allowed us to align the scan data sets to each other very quickly and accurately. Then in Design X we decimate the high density data to reduce the poly-face count but keep all the high curvature resolution intact so we could provide aligned STL data to the customer that was easily opened and viewed, and also we can now provide CAD models when required.

 In conclusion we integrated different scanners and measurement equipment to capture the data quickly of the main area and highly accurate specific components and in Design X we were able to analyze all the data sets to generate a completely aligned STL data package to the client. The Creaform Handyscan allowed us to capture only key areas and connect them to an origin, and the Mantis F6 allowed us to capture the entire part while processing the other scan data sets. And with Design X we could manipulate the data easily and generate alignments of the data for processing into Cad models of new design parts.