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3D scanning and laser line systems

Custom-Made Inspection Systems Using 3D Scanning and Laser Line Systems.

Often there are challenges with off-the-shelf tools when you need a custom solution to solve your inspection needs. This could be an inline inspection of baked goods to injection moulded parts for the auto industry. Using various Compact 3D scanners from Polyga or a custom-built system using white light or Gocator laser line profilers, we can help integrate a new 3D inspection system into your existing production line or quality control office in Canada and the US.

The Compact 3D scanners combine blue-LED structured light with built-in 3D measurement tools for high-precision area scanning and inspection; snapshot sensors use a single snapshot scan to inspect stationary objects or objects with a start/stop motion. By combining motion control systems, 3D capture devices, and web applications, manufacturers can configure and automate 3D metrology, ensuring accuracy, increasing efficiency, and improving productivity. After all, a process that previously took hours and involved jumping through several hoops, such as scanning, processing, and reporting, is now completed within minutes, perhaps seconds.

With the integration of the new PointKit software package, a user-friendly Windows application, this operation will be handled in one package. This software can also process point cloud data and meshes from a 3D scanner. Other features include:

  • The manipulation of geometric dimensions.
  • Alignment
  • Texture editing and healing
  • 3D inspections
  • Precise measurements
  • Merging

PointKit also has a software development kit (SDK) so that we can automate the mesh processing and make the most of it on a user-friendly interface. PointKit is highly adaptable and can work across platforms.


Intelligent 3D scanning through automated motion control systems


Precise 3D measurements for smart industrial applications


Smart metrology


Automated 3D inspection


Intelligent feature creation


Dynamic image analysis in real-time


The Gocator laser line profilers scan moving objects within a production line to ensure various tasks such as assembly inspection, part optimization, pick and place, surface inspection vision guidance and much more.

Manufacturing<br />

PART MANUFACTURING Most parts from processes such as casting, machining, and injection moulding are never inspected. Gocator provides 100% inline quality control to ensure every part

COMPONENT ASSEMBLY: Assembly quality is determined by how various parts interact. Gocator ensures adhesion and attachment, among other quality-control measures in this case.

FINISH AND SEALING: Gocator plays a key role in finishing and sealing. It ensures proper packaging and shipment readiness, not to mention product quality.


If you require 3D inspection or any measurement task and need a customized scanning service, don’t hesitate to contact us; we will help you find the perfect solution for your 3D scanning needs in Canada and the US.

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