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Company: Various Artisans

Location: Vancouver British Columbia

Software: Geomagic Design X

Hardware: Creaform Handyscan 700

The Challenge: 3d scanning large art pieces for the purposes of replication

The Solution: We have had various customers come to us with their art projects. Some were to just preserve a digital copy, some were to make exact duplicates and some were to make smaller or larger scale versions it all varies!

 With the scanned data and watertight STL or auto iges that we can do in Design X we can scale up or down these art pieces to send to a 3d printer or to the large 5 axis CNC machine to recut them in wood. We have also sent these files out to a customer that can CNC rough carve these in stone which allows the basic shape. Every project is different.

 Here are some examples of the art we have scanned!


6ft polar bear Statue 3d Scan

The above images show a 6ft marble Polar Bear that we 3d scanned before it was shipped to the customer. The data allowed the artist to have a digital copy for further reproduction in various scales.

Original cast plaque
New plaque ready for cutting

This Military Bronze plaque was 3D scanned and modified in Geomagic Design X to generate the new Plaque on the Right. The Orca was replaces with a Panther image that was supplied. Some text was changed as well

Park Sign original
Park sign 3d Scan
Park Sign Rough Cad model
Park Sign carved from CAD data to rescan
Park Sign artist version scan

This Provincial Park sign was scanned and the Mesh data was cleaned up in Design X. The sign was in need of replacement as the wood had separated and parts had fallen off. The data was rough modeled in Design X using auto surface and the sketch design tools however some artistic features were not there. So the CAD model was machined in foam and an artist completed the carving by Hand. That carving was then rescanned and scaled up to the original Park Sign size and is not ready for CNC carving.

Totem Pole scan

The challenge here was that the Totem Pole was 26 feet long and the eagle was scanned separately months later. However we used Design X to align the two components together and generate a high resolution 3d mesh. This will allow the artist to replicate his 2 years worth of work. Also he had plans to use it in a digital story in the future.

High resolution 3d scan of a small owl carving

Indigenous Mask scanned in preparation of scaling and CNC cutting

If you require Art or statues to be scanned for preservation or reproduction please email us at info@3dre.ca of call 604-910-0165