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Here at 3DRE, we do everything from R&D to production to application with a commitment to 3D digital product perfection. Our goal is to become a world leader in 3D digital technology by advancing its widespread adoption and use and making its cutting-edge solutions easily available to a broad audience.

The best in 3D digital accessibility is now at your fingertips, thanks to 3DRE. We provide a wide selection of 3D scan and additive manufacturing solutions, from those tailored to precise metrology to those that are more general purpose, such as our end-to-end integrated “Scan-Design-Print in 3D” solution. If you have any inquiries, please send them over and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Matthew Percival AScT.




  • Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology – SSFC
  • Diploma Plastics Engineering Technology – BCIT
  • Degree Manufacturing Engineering – BCIT
  • Certified Engineering Technologist of BC
  • Certified Solidworks Professional
  • Gibbscam
  • Solidworks
  • Geomagic Design X
  • Geomagic Control X
  • Green Belt Six Sigma

Creaform Handyscan 700 3d scanner


This system is  optimixed for portability allowing us to go onsite and capture data without having to ship parts! We can capture 500,000 points per second with an accuracy up to 30um.


Used Creaform 3D scanner for sale 



Surphaser 25 HSX


This system is  optimixed for portability allowing us to go onsite and capture data large parts wiht a range of 30 meters and up to 1,200,000 points per second and sub milimeter accuracy!


Used Surphaser for sale 



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