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Demo 3D scanner and 3D printers for sale

DEMO UNIT Trackscan P42 for sale

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DEMO UNIT Kscan Magic 2 for sale

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Kscan Magic 3d scanner


Polyga C210 Includes all cables and power supply adaptors and Flexscan 3D lisence Key


If you have shoebox-sized objects to scan, the Compact C210, with its 35-micron accuracy, a field of vision of 98 x 71 – 154 x 100 mm, and a point-to-point distance of 0.06 – 0.09 mm, is your scanner.


 Save %50 now only $7500 USD

Kscan Magic 3d scanner

!!!https://3dre.ca/products/f6-handheld-3d-scanner/Mantis F6 Smart plus Surface Pro Tablet


The F6 handheld 3D scanner is an industrial beast. Providing spectacular quality, it’s the go-to device for scanning big objects and complex scenes with precision. Up to a 4 m field of view 


MSRP for the F6 $17000.00 USD including the tablet


 MSRP for the F6 $12000.00 USD including

Makerbot Z18 3d printer. Price: $6,500.00

Comes with aftermarket heated built plate allowing to print other materials besides PLA value or $700

Comes with Experimental extruder cost $400.00

Print Volume is 11.8 L x 12.0 W x 18.0 H inches