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Company: 3DRE Laser Scanning Services Ltd.

Location: Vancouver British Columbia

Software: Geomagic Design X

Hardware: Kscan Magic 2

Client: Dependable Industries and Thompson Foundary

The Challenge: Generate a casting model but do not replicate 100 years of corrosions while editing the top and bottom for the new design


Fredericton’s Officers’ Square was designated a National Historic Site in 1960 because it served as an important military establishment that contributed to the early character and development of New Brunswick. Provincial heritage designation occurred in 1965.

Frederictonians have gathered in Officers’ Square for more than two centuries, but it hasn’t always looked the same. The site has witnessed many changes over the years and this redesigned fence panel is just one of them.

For this project we need the 3D model to be a fair representation of casting. The surface data will need to be smooth over as much of the surface irregularities as possible using Design X. We did not need perfection, but we also do not want to replicate 100 years of corrosions and corruption and last century molding practices.

We needed to adjust the top rail profile to reflect customers’ new design .

How we did it.


First we had to 3d scan the Fence Panel and bring that data into Design X

Historical Fence panel scan data

Then we removed the top and bottom rail since for this project they were redesigning those features.

To ensure the panels were of the best representation we generated an auto surface to capture the details then split and mirrored the panel. Now the panel is symmetrical for the Pattern manufacturing

Now we could design the top and bottom of the railing panels as required by the customer’s sketches.

Once the models were arrayed and verified for their fit the pattern was machined by Dependable Industries, a Local Pattern shop.

Fence pattern

After that the patterns were sent to Thompson Foundry for casting.

Fence panel cope
Sand Casting

After the sand was cast and cleanup here we have our new fence panel.

finished panel