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First Article Inspection Services for complex parts!

First article inspection deviation map. (From Geomagnetic Control X)

First Article Inspection using complex 3D scanning equipment  can obtain more data at a faster rate than ever before.  That combined with advanced inspection software like Geomagic Control X we can 3D scan and generate multiple reports with full GD&T information.

Not every company needs to do First Article Inspection or PPAP’s every day so it makes sense to send it to a third party for verification that has the equipment, know-how, and software to perform these inspections. Also many importers do not have the resources or they want a third party to inspect their products to prevent any bias based to cause complications between manufacturer and the importer.

When picking a third party inspection service there are some things to consider.

  • First Article Inspection of individual points. (From Geomagnetic Control X)

    Accuracy – As a general guideline the 3D Scanning equipment should be 4 to 10 times more accurate than what you need. With white light scanner this can change depending on the lenses and field of view. For example our 100mm lenses have a single scan accuracy of 10um where the 500mm field of view is 30um. These lenses will be selected depending on the size of the object.

  • Part – your part should be clean and free of debris. Some shiny or dark parts need a coating to aid in 3d scanning; this will add a very small layer to the part. The service provider must ensure that the layer is not too thick as it may cause inaccuracies to the inspection.
  • Equipment – Ensure your 3d scanning service provider is using professional grade equipment, Scanners that are not certified ca not provide credible data. Also make sure you are hiring the right tool for the part. In Some cases a touch probe CMM like a FARO arm can provide faster information than 3D Scanning!
  • Experience – Ensure that your service provider understands your needs. With so much information sometimes the data provided can be overwhelming. Make sure your service provider can explain the information. At 3DRevEng we have 10 years of experience doing PPAP for the automotive industry.

3DRevEng is a 3D Scanning Service provider located just outside Vancouver BC Canada.