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Best Choice Professional Handheld Color 3D Scanner – iReal 2E
The rapid development of 3D printing, metaverse and 3D display fuels the fast
growing of demands on3D models. 3D scanning, as an important sources of model
acquisition, is gaining more popularity from 3D designers and 3D printing engineers.
When purchasing a 3D scanner for the first time, the 3D designer often gives priority
to professional-grade 3D scanners that are easy to start with moderate price between
1000$ and 12000$, and featuring with a certain level of accuracy and precision to
meet data acquisition requirements of most categories.
So, what to consider when choosing a professional handheld 3D scanner?

Table 1: Price Range of Different Types of 3D Scanners

Handheld 3D

Desktop 3D Scanner

Professional Handheld Color 3d Scanner

Industrial Handheld Laser 3DScanner




15000$ plus

Suitable for
designers who
has no strict
for accuracy
and precision.

Suitable for
3D scanning
art design
objects with
size about 0.1
– 0.4 m.

Suitable for 3D
scanning art design
objects with size
about 0.2 – 5m, and
industrial design
objects with certain
requirements about

Higher or strict
requirements for
consistency and
detail restoration.
accuracy is less
than 0.08mm/m.)

Choose a best 3D scanner under the right budget. Professional 3D scanners generally
have desktop and handheld types. Here we will not discuss desktop scanners as they
have larger use limitations are suitable for objects with 10 – 40 cm.CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

iReal 2E, with 3980$ USD ① , features with quasi-industrial scanning accuracy (basic
accuracy up to 0.1 mm and alignment accuracy up to 0.3 mm/m) and precision
(resolution up to 0.2mm) as one of the representative products of professional
handheld 3D scanners. It’s equipped with standard HD color scanning modules that
can meet most requirements for medium and large size objects and human body
scanning. iReal 2E takes great advantages over the same types due to most of them
with 4890 – 8000$ price.

① Notes: Shipping, import duties, tariff and others are not included in the Ex-Works price of

Scanned Objects
The creative sources of 3D designers are multiple. Therefore, a scanner covering as
many scanned objects as possible could help them achieve better innovative design.

iReal 2E has powerful alignment ability supporting features, texture, markers and
mixed alignment modes: features alignment mode could be scanned for sculptures
with rich geometric features or human body, texture mode for plane or wall surface,
markers mode for a whole car used for customized design or castings for reverse
engineering, and mixed mode for those furniture’s parts with many geometric

 Size Range 
The maximum resolution of iReal 2E is 0.2 mm, and the recommended size range for
a single scan is from 0.3 m to 4 m. It can also support 3D scanning objects of 0.1 – 0.3
m if there’s lower requirements on precision for data restoring. Large objects can be
captured like a SUV with 12 m vehicle circumference under markers alignment mode
if the user’s computer configuration is better and lower requirements for details and
precision. 0.1 mm resolution was used and the whole accuracy is about ±1mm for
below car scanning case.

 Double Applications in Art and Industrial Design 
One of the biggest functions of professional 3D scanners is supporting features
alignment without markers, which is mainly used in sculptures, artworks, body parts
and portrait data acquisition. These applications are more in line with the usage
scenarios of 3D designers.
Data accuracy and restoring are required for industrial products when 3D engineers
would like to make reverse engineering, virtual simulation and game asset. iReal 2E
has quasi-industrial accuracy, good data restoration ability and markers alignment
mode, which can meet their requirements for industrial products such as castings,
bathroom products and automobile repacking under limited budgets.
Note: Laser scanners from SCANTECH are recommended if you have strict needs for
size accuracy, curved surface precision and accuracy consistency.

Environmental Adaptability
The environment where the scanned objects are located is various. Strong ability of
environmental adaptability allows designers to obtain data wherever they want
without being restricted.
iReal 2E adopting infrared VCSEL structured light technology has great adaptability
for light environment. Whether it’s scanned in an indoor luminous environment or an
outdoor direct sunlight, whether it’s scanned in bright or dark environment, 3D data
acquisition can be captured successfully.

Material Adaptability
High-quality point cloud data can be obtained when the surface of the object presents
a good diffuse reflection. When the pattern objected by the scanner penetrates the
surface of objects like transparent material and light-penetrating material, is reflected
by highly-reflective material or absorbed by dark material, point cloud data is
relatively poor or it’s difficult to capture data. Different types of 3D scanners have
different material adaptability. Scanning spray powder is required or those 3D scanner
with poor adaptability in order to obtain better point cloud data.
iReal 2E adopts linear-array structured light technology to have better material
adaptability to scan more items without powder and creatively solve the difficulty of
hair scanning.

Thanks to iReal 2E’s unique decoding algorithm, it has stronger adaptability to colors.
Direct scan can be performed without extra multiple exposure when dark and light
colors appear on the one scanned object, which makes users easier to operate the

Easy to Operate
Features alignment mode is most commonly used, while it requires certain proficiency
and awareness of operating for operators. It’s important for beginners to have a
product that is easy and convenient to use. A scanner with large field of view and
depth of field offers operators more freedom of operation.
iReal 2E offers people better freedom to operate and smooth scan due to large field of
view (scanning area) of 580 * 550 mm and depth of field of 720 mm (scanning
distance from 280 mm to 1000mm).
Friendly UI deign helps guide user to finish data post-processing easily, and more
features such as smart color map and compatible resolutions in one scan allow you to
have a smarter scanning experience.