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A spray that works to enhance the quality of 3D scanned objects is a huge step forward for the industry. Our 3D Scanning Sprays will level and smooth out any surface, no matter how shiny, transparent, or textured it may be.

This spray enhances 3D scanning precision by altering the surface’s quality, making it easier to scan. If your object has a dark or reflective surface, or if it has small, detailed qualities that are difficult to make out with the human eye, you should probably use a decent 3D scanning spray like ATTBLIME. ATTBLIME coatings are perfect for 3D scanning because they are uniform and extremely thin.

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We worked on it for a long time, now we’ve made it. As specialists in industrial measurement technology, we are pleased to introduce to you ATTBLIME AB6

The perfect scanning spray for 3D metrology – and for every day.

The newly developed vanishing 3D scanning spray AB6 is based on the optimized cyclododecane

  • The original with cyclododecane
  • As aerosol can for medium and large components
  • As a container for small components
  • Free from ethanol and adamantane
  • High performance 3D Scanningspray
  • Scan-Time 2 – 6 hrs
  • Residue-free sublimation after 6 to 10 hrs
  • No cleaning required
  • Made in Germany
  • Available as 400 ml aerosol can and as 1,000 ml reusable container
  • Ships in cases of 12

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm