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Quick Surface

QUICKSURFACE – the bridge between 3D scanning and Manufacturing. Simple, powerful yet affordable 3D Reverse Engineering software

QUICKSURFACE is listed in DEVELOP3D’s TOP 30 amazing new technologies 2021!


  • QUICKSURFACE is a complete reverse-engineering solution for converting 3D scan polygonal meshes of digitized parts into accurate digital parametric CAD/CAM designs.
  • QUICKSURFACE offers intuitive tools for Hybrid Parametric Modelling for both Organic and Prismatic Shapes.
  • QUICKSURFACE is a standalone Windows 64-bit application for 3D reverse-engineering, enabling you to create new, better designs out of existing products.

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How It Works

  • Once you have scanned your object and exported it as STL, OBJ or PLY mesh or PTX point cloud you can import your mesh in QUICKSURFACE. As the software is fully optimized, there is no limitation of the size of the mesh you import.
  • Use QUICKSURFACE’s simple and powerful tools to create 2D sketches, extruded 3D sketches and revolved surfaces, free form curves, surfaces, and prismatic features.
  • QUICKSURFACE offers standard CAD operations like trim, revolve, booleans, loft, sweep, extend, mirrors and patterns. Finish your work by adding fillets and chamfers.
  • Keep control over your work with accurate deviation control at any time. QUICKSURFACE can create complex hybrid 3D models.
  • Remodel your object with the best accuracy and design intent.
  • Once you are ready, export as industry standard STEP or IGES file format to other CAD/ CAM packages or use your results for 3D Printing or CNC machining. QUICKSURFACE offers a full parametric tree into SOLIDWORKS.

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