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Quick Surface FREEFORM

QUICKSURFACE Reverse Engineering Software

Low-cost, standalone CAD scanning software. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust set of tools, you can quickly and easily transform 3D scan meshes into surface or parametric CAD models.



You can use QUICKSURFACE on Windows 10 as a standalone program to transform 3D scanned meshes into CAD models.

Import Scanned Data in Seconds

Simply import STL, OBor PLY mesh files, the standard format for 3D scanning data, from any scanner. The PTX file format is compatible with long-range scanners, allowing for easy data import. Since it’s a 64-bit program, users can import a mesh of any size they want. Users can also generate a mesh with an appropriate amount of triangles without sacrificing quality by using the built-in polygon reduction tool for manipulating purposes.

Mesh align in world space

The adaptive tools allow users to interact with areas of interest. Features like free form selection, brush, and magic wand allow users to work with irregular or free form shapes.

Free Form Selection

Traditional surfacing techniques cannot reconstruct free-form surfaces, but with the quad surface in this software, you can.

With our proprietary snap-to-mesh technology, anyone can make complex structures in minutes, not just experts.

Automatic Surfacing

Produce organic surface with a single click. User interaction is not required.

When it comes to automatic surfacing, QUICKSURFACE is one of the greatest options out there. The algorithm aims for a maximum reduction in the final patch size. The surface quality is a consistent G2, with few exceptional instances of G1.

Analyse Deviations in Real-time

A real-time, color-coded distance map ensures the user maintains gets the fastest, most reliable results, all while keeping everything in your control.

Integrate with External CAD Programs

Users can save their reconstructed surfaces or solid models in standard industry formats such as STEP or IGES and import them into other applications.

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