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QUICKSURFACE Reverse Engineering Software

Cost-effective, standalone CAD scanning software. Using its straightforward yet potent tools, you can quickly and easily transform your 3D scan meshes into surface or parametric CAD models.



QUICKSURFACE is a standalone program compatible with Windows 10 that takes 3D scanned meshes and turns them into CAD files.

Importing Scanned Data Made Easy

You can import scans from any commercial scanner that uses the standard industry mesh file formats (STL, OBor PLY). The PTX file format allows the data to be loaded into long-range scanners. The flexibility of the 64-bit software means that users can load meshes of any size. With the built-in polygon reduction function, users can generate a mesh with the appropriate number of triangles without sacrificing quality.

Effortless Selection

Quickly and easily select areas of interest with minimal effort. Users can select the exact areas for features or free-form surfaces using a brush, magic wand, or free-form selection tool.

Easily Extract Primitives

Effortlessly reassemble flat surfaces, cylindrical objects, cones, and spherical objects. Create relations between them as perpendicular, parallelism, and coincidence.

Users can also create reference geometries like lines and points for use in align mesh. This can be used for space operation and positioning objects correctly into the world coordinate system.

Symmetry Plane

Find a plane of symmetry of the object. Use the analyser to identify the quality of the position of the plane. Fine tune the position with on-screen controls to achieve the best results.

Object Align

Extracting and positioning primitives in the global coordinate system has never been easier. The user can fine-tune the object’s proper orientation thanks to the dynamic nature of the coordinate system definition.

2D Sectioning

Interactive sections let users useful reference points for 2D sketching. Simply line up the section plane with the extracted primitives or CAD faces, or make a section on the fly with the help of an on-screen editor. Users can also make several partitions at once for lofting purposes.

Constrained 2D Sketching

Use dimenstions and constraints to create accurate sketches like in any other CAD package

3D Sketching, Loft, Sweep surfacing

Draw free form curves directly on the reference mesh then create surfaces by standard commands – loft, sweep, pipe. Join the surface or use them in trimming operations.

Surface Fitting

Choose a region of interest, and the program will create a free-form surface approximation of the region. That enlarged surface can then be trimmed to size. The deviation colour map displays the surface quality in real-time. Automatic mode lets users generate a surface that closely matches the reference mesh.

Free-Form Selection

When compared to traditional surfacing techniques, quad surfacing makes it easier for users to recreate a free-form surface.

The proprietary snap-to-mesh technique we’ve developed makes it possible for anyone, not just experts, to make complex designs in record speed.

Analyse Deviations in Real Time

A real-time, colour-coded distance map ensures the fastest, most reliable results. Users can adjust how well their reconstruction works thanks to the helpful color-coding of distances. You can check the CAD model against the reference mesh at any point in the procedure.

Automatic Surfacing

Create surface on organic shapes with just hit of a button.
No user interaction required.
QUICKSURFACE provides you with one of the best automatic surfacing available today. The algorithm optimises the number of resulting nurb patches to be minimal. The surface quality is G2 everywhere and G1 at extraordinary points.

Hybrid parametric modelling

Together of being parametric for the standard features, the software allows you to create CAD models as a combination of free form and prismatic features. The user can always get back and modify even the free form surfaces if needed and get the results reconstructed.

Triming & Boolean operations

Create surfaces or solids by using mutual trim operation or boolean operations on solids. The coloured display and diagnostic tools allow you to identify the issues while performing these operations

Fillet & Chamfer

The chamfer and fillet operations provide a realtime analyser. Just drag the arrow to define the fillet radius on the screen and see immediatelly the deviation of the fillets against the reference mesh. And all this in real-time

Deviation Analyser

ontrol the accuracy of your reconstruction with the efficient distance colour map. Compare the CAD model against the reference mesh at any time of your process

Connect to External CAD Programs

You can save your reconstructed surfaces and solid models in standard industry formats such as STEP and IGES and import them into other applications.


User guided process allows the user to transfer the whole parametric history into SOLIDWORKS® directly. The process is controlled by QUICKSURFACE to achieve error-free models and save a lot of time

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