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The add-in that’s changing the way we see and do reverse engineering for the better.

Back to Basics

XTract3D brings engineers, manufacturers, and scientists closer to creating parametric CAD models. An add-in with its own set of tools, this software hands you the power to import 3D meshes, use them as a template, and extract individual features. It lets you create the CAD model you want and reverse engineer it inside SOLIDWORKS.

A Point of Reference

Your workflow is more straightforward than ever, thanks to this add-in. Use existing parts instead of going through the costly design cycle, and get the product/part out there much faster. Use imported 3D scanner data as a point of reference and (re)build parametric CAD models by tracing onto the 2D cross-sections.

Higher Productivity

Xtract3D is not unfamiliar territory. It makes what you already know about reverse engineering more efficient to increase productivity. Create CAD models with this SOLIDWORKS add-in to speed up a process that you know as well as you do the back of your hand but can never finish fast enough.

Complete Control

Xtract3D is just a basic toolset. It provides you with everything you might need for a reverse engineering application, allowing you to materialize simple and intricate parts, organic surfaces, and prisms. It mimics the manual process of sketching, further minimizing the transition.

Handle high resolution scan data with ease

Xtract3D is the finest of the lot for several reasons, but its most redeeming feature is that it lets you sketch CAD models from 3D meshes and point clouds without a whisper of a lag. These templates are known to have millions of polygons and points, respectively, and being able to work with them in SOLIDWORKS is a rare feat. This software must be on your side, if only because it supports simple and intricate sketches and surfaces.

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