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The SIMSCAN 3D Scanner by Scantech is available to purchase from www.3dre.ca. It is a super light, palm-sized laser 3D scanner that won German Red Dot and China Design Silver awards. This extremely portable scanner allows data capture in tight spaces, such as engine bays and inside compartments. The aluminum housing is wrapped with a non-slip grip to ensure it conforms to your hand.

The SIMSCAN comes at an amazing 570g and is only 203 x 80x 44mm. With up to 17 blue laser lines in ultra-fast mode and a capture rate of up to 2.8 million points per second, you will be sure that no detail is left uncaptured. The hyperfine mode uses seven blue parallel laser lines to capture super fine details, with every line getting those deep holes. The blue lasers are ideal for scanning black and shiny parts without adding a coating.

 A Highly Detailed Rendition of a SIMSCAN 3D Scantech Scanner


The accuracy of the SIMSCAN is the same for all versions (0.015mm + 0.035mm/m), ensuring this is a metrology-grade 3D measurement instrument.



Compared to the competition, the SIMSCAN’s 130mm camera distance makes it capable of acquiring data in hard-to-reach areas like deep groves, holes, gaps, and confined areas. It is also a single-handed instrument with all the buttons at your fingertips.

 An Illustration of the Camera Distance of the SIMSCAN 3D Scanner Beside its Counterparts

With the additional option of the AirGO Pro wireless communication link, you can scan unrestricted and freely move around the part you are measuring. This works with all Scantech 3D scanners.

An Engineer Scanning a Large Part with the SIMSCAN 3D Scanner

Automating inspection is also possible with a SIMSCAN accompanied by AM-Desk and a universal robot arm. This reduces repetitive 3D scanning and generates a 3D scanning workstation either in the lab or on the floor. Once measurements have been taken, the workstation generates 3D inspections automatically and processes a report comparing actual to CAD data.

This system can be easily programmed and conduct simple or complex tasks using the FlexScan software. Also, the scanner is removable for those instances you need it to be portable again.

Automatic Inspection Underway with a SIMSCAN Scanner, Robot Arm, and AM-Desk

A Close-up Shot of AM-Desks

The AM-Desk weighs 75KG and is a square meter in size. The work cell can be installed in five minutes and mobile when mounted to a cart. Three tray sizes allow for larger or smaller parts depending on your needs. When paired with various Cobots, the system has a 10-grade collision sensor to prevent the robot from operating in an unsafe manner, causing harm or damage.

The versatility of this 3DRE scanner and the data capture rate far exceed the competitive 3D scanners on the market. Moreover, the price-point of sub $30,000 makes this your next best 3D scanner in Canada for reverse engineering or 3D metrology inspection.

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